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     In order to create a harmonized interior it is important to remember about wall clocks. From the point of view of Porcelain Castle designers it is one of the most significant part of modern household. Clock specialists all over the world are constantly perfecting the styles, color schemes and shapes in response to design tendencies of new millenium. Creating new designs clock masters, however, retain most precious old narratives. 
  In each new collection we try to follow quickly changing fashion, combining modern plots and wide color range with traditional decoration style. Many of the subjects have several variations for better adaptation to interior on demand.


Country-style, modern, classic and vanguard - any kind of style demanding customer can find in clock collection of Porcelain Castle.
     Traditionally we pay much attention to kitchen interior. In new collection there is a number of clocks with interesting kitchen subjects and still-life.

     For drawing-rooms and bedrooms there is a range of clocks of uncommon shapes and colorful and amusing clocks for kids.


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